TO WHOM MAY READ THIS

This is how the Road Accident Fund (RAF) are looking after their Claimant’s and Breadwinners.

It is not good enough that my electricity was cut off on the 06 August ’16. I was told to go to the City of Cape Town. I duly went with all my paperwork and I am now, officially, ‘Indigent’. My electricity was switched back on 03 October ’16.

Now to get to the above attachment. A Sheriff of the Court delivered these papers regarding my house. Yip, pay up or I loose my ‘castle’.

Where to from here!!!

This is the RAF refusing to pay out the monies they owe me. My good money I have paid out for +-9 years for my garden man, maid, swimming pool services, wheelchair repairs etc., plus other debts that they owe me for and counting. This money OWED would save my ‘castle’ and my family, from being destitute. I have HIT rock bottom!! I have NOTHING left. At this stage a bottle of pills or a razor blade, looks awfully inviting.

This MONEY THEY OWE ME has OBVIOUSLY gone TOWARDS LINING THEIR BACK POCKETS. (This is after all another glorified, government department).

Of course don’t forget, I am a liar, thief and a forger.

With much love,  DI COLLEY


Author: Didi

Love to laugh. Upbeat and always smiling. To people who see me, I don't have a worry in the world. Looks can be deceiving!!

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