The Road Accident – How they Screw You

The Road Accident Fund – How They Screw You

I am not looking for sympathy but, merely justice and payments from the ROAD ACCIDENT FUND.

I was involved in a serious, life-altering motor bike accident on 03 July 2005. To be polite I will call him ‘idiot’. This ‘idiot’ reversed, in the middle of the road, into me and unfortunately been a narrow two lane road, I had nowhere to go. It would have been considered a hit and run but, fortunately, witnesses gave chase and bought him back to the scene of the accident.

That is where this ‘idiots’ story ended and my ‘new’ life began.

My injuries were life-threatening having sustained a broken pelvis, broken hips, my left elbow was ‘detached’ inside my arm and my left wrist was broken in 2 places. (I Am left handed). Nerves were severed in my right leg, my knee was smashed and I had a deep gash in my upper thigh (groin area), that went from back to front. It was only upon speaking with witnesses who confirmed, that I had been unconscious when they stopped and of course, internal bleeding.

Five Months In Hospital and 7 operations later, I was left with a numb leg (due to severed nerves) and am partially confined to a wheelchair. I wear a brace on my leg which thankfully enables me to walk some short distances. My left arm, hand, wrist and fingers do not ‘work together’ correctly. 

If you can imagine walking for 10 years dragging a numb leg fitted with a brace, using your hip to propel yourself forward, that is me.

My left arm is still damaged and likewise as my leg, has given me endless trouble, over the years. It was mentioned by a specialist that it would have been kinder had I lost my leg as I would not have (during the course of the last 10 years) damaged my spine and hips etc., by walking, the way I do.

My accident occurred about 15h00 on that fateful day and I arrived at Panorama Hospital at 23h00. Thanks to the dedication by the paramedics and God, I arrived alive.

I have been at times, through the 10 years, able to secure work but, it did not and does not provide a steady income to survive on. Unfortunately in South Africa, nobody wants to employ a 58 year old disabled woman. Due to the pain experienced I can only sit for short periods of time but, I still answer advertisements from companies offering employment, for 1/2 days.

Prior to my accident I was a fit and healthy individual. I had just started a new job where I, at the end of 2005, would have been made partner of said company. I had worked and studied for so long to reach this stage in my career, to have it all taken away by an ‘idiots’ stupid actions, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Due to the nature of the work, I was not able to continue.  

I took great joy in being outdoors – hiking, camping, walking, swimming, riding my bicycle, playing league tennis for a club, loved gardening. Any sports/activities outdoors, I was your person.

Fast forward to today, 10 years later :-

For the last seven years the pain has slowly increased throughout my body. Every joint, every muscle screams in agony. I was in denial for many years with this all-consuming pain until one day in my doctors surgery, I broke down and cried that I just did not want to go on living, with this pain. I went to a Neurosurgeon, specialists and a Pain Clinic who did assist me, to some extent. 

I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis, Arthritis and chronic pain, Fibromalygia, all due to the severe trauma my body suffered, from my accident. My heart condition due to added stress, has taken a rapid turn for the worse.

Unfortunately the costs are too exorbitant for everyone’s pocket, mine included to pay for treatments, for these diseases.

Where has this left me today:-

Mounting debts –

1.  Bond not paid

2.  Medical Aid not paid

3.  City of CT not paid 

      They will cut me off in a couple of days, which in turn means no

        telephone, alarm, water would be a trickle).

4.  Telephone not paid
5.   Cellphone not paid
6.  Other debt incurred, trying to eek out a living
7.  Not enough money to feed myself or my children
8.  Vehicle repairs (I need to get to the shop as the nearest Pick n Pay is

       to far to wheel myself).

9.  Pharmacy account not paid (medication only).
The Agreement signed and agreed upon by myself and the ROAD ACCIDENT FUND – they are supposed to look after me.


1..  All claims signed by parties, for services rendered

       1.1. Garden services, maid, swimming pool services,

              dog walking etc,

2.  Company invoices 

      2.1 Alarm, bond, medical aid etc.

      2.2. Will not pay for wheelchair repairs

      2.3. No payments for ramps

As the CLAIMANT and BREADWINNER in My family, they are By Law, required to look after me and pay accordingly.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Please SHARE this far and wide with all your friends, family and on social media. I have started already.
Once again, thank you for reading.


LINK NO 1703476


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