TO ALL WHO MAY READ THIS

Following on from my previous emails.

Of course, NO conclusion reached with regard to the Road Accident Fund (RAF) paying me any monies, owing to me.

I was reading an article last evening as to all the reasons for the unlicenced vehicles on our roads today (excluding buses and taxis). It reminded me that My vehicle licence is due for renewal in a month or so. That is +-R700.00 I don’t have and will definitely, not be able to pay!!!

That makes for an additional unlicenced motor vehicle on our roads today. (Yes, my vehicle is serviced regularly and is in a road-worthy condition). In this case, it is another Government Department (RAF) that is making this, a sad reality for me. (We all know how Government Departments operate, don’t we)!!!!

Approximately 4 months ago my vehicle was off the road for two months. (I could not afford the repairs). My thanks to a well-known, reputable company who came to my rescue. (I have Not paid them yet and they will most probably try and ‘reposses’ my vehicle. Still owing +R2000.00). During this period I needed to go to N1 City urgently and having no support ie family and at the time, my one friend was not available to drive me to N1 City, I decided, bus or taxi it would have to be. (I knew that it would be too far to push myself in my wheelchair, due to declining health). I duly wheeled myself to the bus stop along Monte Vista Boulevard and lo and behold, not only did the bus not stop when they saw me in my damn wheelchair but, two taxis Did Not stop either.

By this stage a couple of the ladies at the bus stop were  quite agitated as of course, they were now late for work/appointments etc. They decided to take matters into their own hands and virtually stepped in front of the next taxi to make sure it stopped and we could all get on.

The driver and assistant were having none of this and threatened to run over the lady, standing in front of the taxi. At this stage I decided to call it a day and thanked all the kind ladies and retreated to a safe distance and went home, rather dejectedly.

That ended my sorry saga of attempting to catch a bus or taxi, be independent and ‘vehicle-less’.

It Really Does Happen. Buses and taxis will Not stop for disabled people!! Their wheelchair takes up additional space and it just “takes too $%&# long”. (Taxi driver’s words).

So, thank you to the Road Accident Fund for a valuable lesson learnt –

            There is definitely no Space nor Time for
            disabled people in our beautiful city,
            Cape Town


           We should also thank the RAF for another
           soon to be Unlicenced Vehicle, on our cities

PAY UP the money that you OWE.

I re-iterate, this is how they, the RAF – LOOK AFTER THEIR INJURED CLAIMANTS and the BREADWINNER!!!!

Thank you for reading.

LINK NO 1703496


Author: Didi

Love to laugh. Upbeat and always smiling. To people who see me, I don't have a worry in the world. Looks can be deceiving!!

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